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About Our Logo

Every name may have a significant conception and interesting background. It reflects the passion of the founder(s) and stakeholders. We take pride in sharing the genesis of ‘manUScrypt communications’.

Reflecting Creativity, Passion and Engagement

  • man’ that represents the Human Being
  • US’ in our name is representative of relationships. Relationships are the foundations of achievements.
  • scrypt’ in our name is symbolic of its meaning and derived script to success. We support in developing their ability to do so and bring about the desired change in their lifestyles and business.
  • We have replaced the ‘i’ in the traditional script with a ‘y’ to encourage the spirit of exploring -‘what else is possible’.  Communications in our logo, is to reflect our contribution – focused on ‘communication strategies for the organization’.

This intervention in turn, creates a set of  re-energized internal teams and stakeholders to meet the expectations of your global customers.  The participating entrepreneur / organization have benefited with increased employee engagement,  lowering attrition rates resulting in sustaining personal and business growth.

For details of how the communication strategies will benefit your organization .. Connect with US- achieve(at)manUScrypt(dot)com

You may expect our response within a working day