Major Festival in India

Festival times in India call for festive promotions to boost market share.

Markets won during these short promotions are not really an indicator of customer loyalty.

However, market share lost due to no conversions during these promotions can result in fatal loss for any company.

The bigger the value of the product or service the longer it would take for the consumer to return to the fold of the company.


A Washing Machine is selected to save time ??

Example 1.

Imagine a customer desirous of purchasing a washing machine; visits your store display.


They decide to buy it. The shop assistant tells you that he will order a new piece for you. Since it is festive time, it will take a day to deliver considering the bookings. The customer accepts your word unhappily, books the piece and goes home.

The shop assistant then places the order with the company and goes about his business.

Late afternoon the customer calls the shop and enquires about his delivery. His wife is expecting her family to reach by evening.

The shop assistant assures a call back to his customer in 1o minutes. He then calls the company and explains his situation and ‘ demands’ an urgent delivery – now directly to the customers residence [In India, generally products are delivered to the shop, ware house and then a separate delivery along with the shop representative delivers the same to the customers house. This facilitates, relationship management, setting up the product, commissioning it and at times collection of payment].


Imagine the sales assistant plight when he heard the response to his ‘demand’. The voice at the other end said ” we are waiting for a truckload to be completed before delivery. We have received instructions from our higher ups to that effect. What can I do? Please bear with us and inform the customer accordingly.

What happened next is what led to the erosion of the company’s market share.   By the time the Higher Ups analyzed and acted. the loss was real.



Can you believe and accept that this was the result of incorrect communications of a decision by the management?

What were these communications? How did they finally impact this company in 2016?

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