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The 4 Hour Daily Impact Workshops

We Encourage Experiential Learning

Communications Strategies for Todays Entrepreneurs

We have developed these experiential  interactive workshops for professionals who have a challenge with time.

These workshops are created as a result of requests over the years from working professionals and entrepreneurs wanted to upgrade their skills – however found it challenging to manage time.

The topics listed are indicative and not exhaustive.

1.    Goal Setting – Keeping on Track – aligning to your direction

2.    Keep Focus – Saying No to Distractions

3.    Communication Basics for Effective Congruence

4.    Effective Email Expressions

5.    Personal Presentation Skills

6.    Professional Presentation Etiquette

7.    Relationship Building

8.    Basic of Networking

9.    How to answer ‘What do You Do?’

10.  Getting Your Vison Right

11.  Selecting the Right People to work with you

12.  Presenting to an investor

13.  Systematic Investment Planning for a Habit called Time Management

14.  Creativity and growth

15.  Developing Analytical Skills

16.  Feedback – How to Receive

17.  Feedback – How to Give

18.  Delegation for entrepreneurs

19.  Sales Closing for Business Development

20.  Generating an enquiry – an introduction to consultative selling

21.  How to talk to your customer

22.  How to talk to your customer on phone

23.  How to listen to an irate customer and be focused on the solution

24.  Conflict resolution  Basics

25.  Conflict resolution advanced

26.  Negotiation Skills

27.  Partner – not vendor- development

28.  Interviewing Skills

29.  Task Reviewing Skills

30.  Relationships and Emotional Intelligence

31.  Fixing Appointments – for business

32.  Speaking Engagements

33.  Reporting Management

34.  How to take care of your child’s teacher / professor

35.  How to attend / visit your child’s school / college

36.  How to set goals for your child

37.  How to set goals for your employees

38.  How to deliver your project on time

39.  Mobile Management

40.  Your online digital presence management

41.  Reception management

42.  Saving expenditure / conserving energy

43.  Upskilling workers

44.  Successful Outsourcing 

45.  Retirement planning 

46.  Gardening

47.  Playing a sport 

48.  Letting go of stress

49.  Problem solving

50.  Decision Making

51.  Insuring your Life and Business